Not Able to Afford Class?

Contact us to figure out a price or deal that will work.  Money will not be your obstacle.

Drop In

$15 One Class One time payment

4 Classes

$55 Monthly Auto-Pay

8 Classes

$100 Use one package for the whole FAMILY! One time payment 60 day expiration for unregistered classes


$120 Monthly Auto-Pay Excludes workshops and special events 1 person per membership. Cannot be used for more than 1 student per class.

Birthday Parties

Ages 5 and Up  | Saturdays and Sundays After Classes

- Price starts at $15/child for 1 hour of equipment use and 30 minutes of cake/presents
- Parkour or recreation activity (no cake or food provided) 
- Specialty themes include:  | Hide and Seek | Floor Is Lava | Zombie Tag |