Gym Easter Eggs

      As some of you that have attended the gym might know, there are easter eggs all around. Each object was found or created at the gym, and for the first time ever, they are being publicly recorded so you can forever be distracted at class! The fun is in the finding, so when you do discover a new one keep it to yourself and don’t touch it. The list is in order from easiest to hardest to find. Have fun!

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How To Not Buy A Building in 2020 - 14 Chapter Story

Preface & Chapters 1-14

      Welcome! I’ve decided to chronicle a journey in this medium. At the onset of my 2020 building buying fiasco, I thought about vlogging or posting pictures to social media, but I really don’t like doing those things.

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Winter Parkour Clothing and Tips

So you want to start training outside in the winter. I have some suggestions that should make it more comfortable. As a general rule, wear multiple lightweight layers you can remove and replace to reduce how much you sweat. Wet = Cold

Upper Body

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Parkour In The Snow?


Placing yourself in challenging environments promotes growth. Everything about outdoor winter training is harder and that challenge is what builds motivation and perseverance. By experiencing the cold we appreciate the warmer months (this also works for training in the hottest times in summer to appreciate the winter too!)

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