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What is Parkour?

Parkour is an activity that needs to be experienced.  Like trying to put into words a shade of color, you cannot truly understand parkour until you begin to move and train yourself!  Parkour is about mastering your movement.  Each of us are amazing creations with unique backgrounds and experiences with different potential.  Every time we train parkour, the simple goal is for improvement: to be stronger today than you were yesterday, in order to be more useful tomorrow.

What Are Classes Like?

We work hard.  The coaches from Axiom were taught the training methods from the founders of parkour, the Yamakasi.  Our intention is to preserve the original spirit of challenge and constant testing to learn more about our capabilities and shortcomings.  Classes almost always include: 
o Proper full body warm-up
o Specific technique practice time for jumping, vaulting, bar work, or creativity
o Running, crawling, and strength/conditioning (injury prevention)
o Sweat and dirty hands
o Stretching and/or mobility work

Each coach from Axiom adapts the class to the needs of the group and maintains the core training principles. We fully accept that although everyone is perfectly capable of being successful in parkour, the training is not for everyone.In order to be better prepared for class: 
o Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move unrestricted
o Choose footwear that will stay on your feet and are flexible enough to balance and jump
o Bring water
o Have a safe place for your personal items (small backpack works best)
o Use the bathroom beforehand. We cover a lot of ground outdoors and don't always have access to bathrooms
o Make sure you have a waiver filled out if it's your first class with Axiom

Motion Tour USA

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Is Parkour Safe?

Parkour is highly unique because it only involves your body and the environment.  There is no opponent to worry about, no ball to catch, and no board with wheels.  Under the instruction of the coaches, you solely decide whether to commit or not.  This makes parkour an incredibly rewarding and consequential discipline.  You experience success or failure based on how well you know yourself.
In order to understand safety, we need to look at danger and risk.  Danger cannot be altered, while risk is variable depending on your ability level.  It's only safe to drive down the highway next to other vehicles if you've gone through drivers education.  Axiom coaches use repetition to build consistency and confidence in order to almost completely eliminate risk.  There are times we deliberately place ourselves in danger but only when we know the risk is perfectly manageable.  After all, we only get one chance with the magnificent system that is the human body!  We strive To Be and To Last!