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Gym Easter Eggs

      As some of you that have attended the gym might know, there are easter eggs all around. Each object was found or created at the gym, and for the first time ever, they are being publicly recorded so you can forever be distracted at class! The fun is in the finding, so when you do discover a new one keep it to yourself and don’t touch it. The list is in order from easiest to hardest to find. Have fun!

  1. Hotel Transylvania DVD
  2. The name "Travis"
  3. Nerf dart
  4. Wooden toy peg man
  5. White magnet
  6. Orange rock
  7. Red paperclip
  8. A brick from the outside wall
  9. Mechanical pencil poking an eraser
  10. Red foam magic ball
  11. 3D printed Axiom logo
  12. Plastic fly
  13. Plastic spider
  14. Nerf ball on bottle cap
  15. Axiom's first business card
  16. Girl's broken sunglasses
  17. "MEL" initials on wood