Drop In

1 Class or 1 Open Gym


5-9 | 10+ | Adult

4 Class Bundle

Expires After 5 Weeks


5-9 | 10+ | Adult

8 Class Bundle

Free Open Gym
Expires After 5 Weeks


5-9 | 10+


Free Open Gym
Expires After 4 Weeks


10+ ONLY

Private Lessons 30 Minutes for $15

*All pricing excludes the YMCA.  4/8 Class Bundle expires 5 weeks after the first day of the membership for make up classes.  Open gym is $5.00 for 4 Class Bundle, and $5.00 for Drop In students if attended the same week as the attended class. Class Bundles and Unlimited memberships apply to all available indoor and outdoor classes (excluding YMCA). Open Gym is FREE as part of the 8 Class Bundle and Unlimited Memberships. Credit cards are not accepted at this time. Checks should be made out to Axiom Parkour. No refunds.

Not Able to Afford Class?

Contact us to figure out a price or deal that will work.  Money will not be your obstacle.

Elkhorn | 203 W Evergreen Pkwy

Delafield | Unit E 24 Enterprise Rd