*Friday July 24

Waukesha 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Check In
Specialized Urban Training
Applied Training At Night
*Recommended for ages 16+ due to independence in the night

Saturday July 25

Milwaukee 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Check In
Whole Group Greeting Movement Session 1 Movement Session 2
Expert Discussion 1 Expert Discussion 2 Movement Session 3 Movement Session 4

Sunday July 26

Waukesha 12:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Check In
Whole Group Greeting
Movement Session 5
Movement Session 6
Group Dinner
Minor changes to schedule and locations may occur. An email will be sent to registered participants.

What Is It?

o Parkour training weekend containing 7 physical challenges, talks from elite national and international coaches, and open discussions with shared meals
o Train and Learn with participants from around the world as you complete physical and mental challenges both individually and as a community

Who Should Attend?

o The event is masterfully designed for ages 10 to Adult so you can set your own difficulty level while still participating alongside everyone else
o Beginners: As a first experience with parkour, there is no better way to learn than surrounding yourself with world class coaches and practitioners
o Advanced: You will have opportunity to test yourself physically, mentally, technically, as a leader, and physically (again)
o The Traceur/Traceuse that has taken a break from their training. This was made for you. Relive all of the best parts from when you first began.
Purchase One Or Both
- $75 - Saturday & Sunday (Ages 10+) Event T-Shirt Event Wrist Band +
- $15 - Friday ONLY (Ages 16+) Event Wrist Band Limited Spots

What Days Should I Register For?

Saturday and Sunday are sold together for the same price whether you attend only one day or both. You want to fully commit and go to both. If you just go Saturday you will lack a sense of completion and if you only attend Sunday you'll wonder why everyone is such good friends.
Friday is a special urban stealth training for people looking for something extra. It's going to be a ton of fun but you will be moving around at night being hunted.

What Should I Bring?

Protection from the sun (hat, lotion, neck gaiter), light backpack, lots of water, phone/camera, light snacks (fruit, nuts), medical necessities (inhaler, epipen, insulin), bandaids.

Where Can I Find Housing?

During the registration process you have the option of requesting housing with a local. Housing is limited and not guaranteed, but it is the best experience as the host can help with transportation, food, and local attractions. If you'd like to book a hotel, we recommend somewhere close to downtown Waukesha, WI.

How Can I Prepare?

Proper sleep and meals before the weekend will help the most. Nothing is worse than sitting out because of a stomach ache. It's not necessary, but to get the most out of the weekend you can prepare physically by being able to jog a mile and performing 10 good pushups. Wearing comfortable athletic shoes and pants/shorts will also be helpful.